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We are working to post Katrina's many career achievements! More to come but for now check out the pictures and stories posted so far! 2019 is sure to add even more to this list!

Already in 2019 Katrina is making a splash on the music charts! She has just been featured not once but twice on two seperate Reverbnation Featured Playlists! Chart Topping Pittsburgh Artists Playlist & Most Played Country Music Playlist!

As many of you may know Katrina Lynn is a favorite on many UK Radio Stations but none more than with the Country Boy Colin himself! Being featured on the radio show more times than we can count, shes back again in 2019 on Ignition Country's Top 25 Artists Chart!

Katrina will be the star of one of Music Talks shows this September 4th, 2019! Catch her interview and performance on Armstrong TV@ 6pm-7pm!

Fair Play Country Music Magazine has feature Katrina twice now. Once in the Josie Music Awards edition, then she was feature on the back of the Josie Music Awards Winners edition and now she will be in Fair Play Country Music Magazine's winter issue due out 2019!

Last year Katrina Lynn was nominated for Female Country Artist of the Year for Traditional/Classic Country at the 2018 Josie Music Awards! It was held in Piegon Forge, TN at Dollywood in the Celebrity Theater! Katrina walked the red carpet and did 2 TV interviews with Branching Out TV and Smokey Mountaiin Entertainment!

Two Popular shows producers have reached out to Katrina Lynn! Maybe a spot on The Voice or The Four is in her future!

Katrina's talent is starting to reach some big names! The Band Perry Started to follow Katrina Lynn on Twitter after she posted a video of her doing their song "If I Die Young". Lady Gaga even gave Katrina Lynn a like on a video of her doing Gaga's song "You & I". Melissa Joan Hart Even started following Katrina!

A radio station in Frisco, Texas not only gave Katrina credit for drawing in a large amount of new listeners but they also crowned her as the undisputed champ of The Crush! KVGI Radio station's "The Crush" had Katrina on their show "Crush It or Flush It". Artists of all genres from around the world were played during the show. Listeners had to call in, vote online or on social media for which artists they liked best and wanted to advance and compete on another show the following weeks. Katrina continued to win week after week! So much show The Crush jokingly changed their name to "The Beat Katrina Lynn Show" blasting the new name on social media and challenging all other artist to take her on! Katrina won 6 times in a row and was named the undisputed champ, holding the longest run on the show! She earned permanent rotation on the station as well as spotlight segments on other shows!

Katrina Became an over night hit on a music app called Krue. After posting her first video to the social media platform her video grabbed almost 25,000 views in less than 24 hours and thousands of likes and comments! The next video was not far behind and Katrina became the #2 Artist on the app!

Katrina has been a major hit every time shes on the ECMA (European Country Music Association) Charts. Topping the charts in countrys like Germany, Swedean, Norway & Switzerland along side some big names like Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Brad Pasley and MORE! The head of The ECMAs told Katrina she was a hit and featured her on more than 100 radio shows/stations, the DJs were quote "begging for more"!